It’s a question we get from almost every bride during an initial consultation, “Should we see each other before the ceremony?” Ultimately it’s up to you. If your dream is not see each other before the wedding and have a grand moment where he sees you in your dress for the first time – then go for it! However, we would like to give you, The Real 411 in terms of wedding photography and how seeing each other before the ceremony can benefit you in many ways.

Let’s first start off with a great tip from Mary Dann, one of the nation’s premier wedding coordinators:

If you don’t see them, you race down the aisle for a quick glance before getting married and have no time to enjoy each other and tell her how beautiful she looks. If you see each other, you get to spend some time together, get out the jitters and get your family formals done. Then after the wedding you get to relax and enjoy your cocktail hour with family and friends.

Rob and I have seen it done every which way imaginable and you should have what you want. However, seeing each other before the ceremony buys you a lot of things on the back end of your day that you may not have thought about. For starters, you will be able to attend your entire cocktail hour which is the best place to really see all your guests at once and have the time talk to each of them. With family formals out of the way the only obligations left are the really fun ones like toasts, dances and cake cutting. Your wedding day will fly by faster than you can imagine and seeing each other before hand maximizes the time you will get to spend with your guests.

The Real 411: Photographers can set-up a first meeting for couples when you see each other dressed up for the first time. You will get to spend 10 minutes talking, catching up on your morning, and getting the jitters out with the one person who knows how to calm your nerves the best. It’s a special moment and it will help you relax. You, also get some amazing pictures! I highly recommend seeing each other before the ceremony, getting your pictures done and being able to enjoy the day with your family and friends without interruptions.