June 06, 2013

This tip is for all the grooms and groomsmen out there. Most guys know how to tie a tie, but certain knots look better that others. My recommendation is the half windsor knot. It is simple once you get the hang of it,  looks the best, and it will hold it’s shape all day long! Here are links to several videos that explain the process as well as an image diagram which you should print out to have on wedding day. Practice before your wedding day so it doesn’t become a 20 minute ordeal. I have included several videos so you can choose an instructor of your liking.

My personal tips:

    • Use  a cloth tie instead of the shiny silky ones.
    • Watch out so you don’t get the dimple under the tie knot, be gentle with the whole process.
    • For added style get a bitchin tie clip like Burberry, Boss or the always fashionable and classic Ralph Lauren Engine Turn tie bar

Videos and Diagrams:

Video: Art of Manliness

Video: Tie A Tie.net 

Some guys will just learn better from a blonde in a pink tank top:

Diagram: Brooks Brothers : Step by Step

Diagram: Half Windsor 



**Robert Evans and Ryan Phillips together have over 40 years of combined experience photographing weddings and have photographed some of the most well known peoples weddings throughout the world!