Get a Referral from Friends: The number one way to hire a great photographer is to get a referral from a friend who has been recently married and LOVED their photographer.

See Their Personal Style: Really take a hard look at their work. Do YOU love their work? Don’t just go off an event planner or venue’s list. Often they have good people to recommend but those are not your only choices. Make sure you have seen their work and that YOU like their style.

Meet on Skype or In Person: People lead such busy lives and traffic is so insane that sometimes it’s hard to meet in person. Ask your photographer for a Skype session. This will allow you to see their personal appearance, mannerisms and sometimes physical space. You will have a lot of photographers to see and this will help narrow down the choices. 

Find them on popular wedding blogs: There are many great online resources and wedding blogs to find great photographers. A few of them include Style Unveiled, Style Me Pretty, The Knot , Wedding Channel and Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style. Look at the wedding publications that match your budget. Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style website features luxury Weddings.  You can look here for great inspiration. When choosing a vendor  listed in Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style know that your looking at the best of the best in the wedding industry.

Read the photographers blog and search out what people say about them: It will give you a great sense of who they are as a person, an artist, a family man, a mom, etc. This insight into their personality is crucial to determining if they are a good fit for you.

Interview Them: We will be doing another post full of questions to ask your photographer, but for now, just know that whether by phone, Skype or in person, you need to interview your prospective wedding photographer.

To read more about choosing a wedding photographer, read The Art of Investing in a Wedding Photographer 

The Real 411: Event planners, venues, little black books and especially magazines ALL have a reason for recommending someone. Sometimes it’s just because they are good, but it can also be because they are an advertiser, getting a kick back, getting referrals, etc. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it just means that you need to understand that and make sure that above all…you truly like the photographer’s work. 


**Robert Evans and Ryan Phillips together have over 40 years of combined experience photographing weddings and have photographed some of the most well known peoples weddings throughout the world!