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Seeing your groom prior to the wedding ceremony is becoming more and more the norm these days.  Getting your wedding pictures done before your wedding so that when you kiss and say “I do” you can join in your cocktail hour and spend more time with your friends and family who have traveled long distances to be with you on your wedding day just make sense.  Arranging your wedding day in this manner eliminates stress, anxiety, and makes your photography experience pleasurable, as opposed to  potentially frustrating due to a time crunch.

In addition to this special moment, I also suggest a first look between the bride and her father.  Setting up a special time and place to  let your father see you in your wedding dress will be a moment from your wedding day you will both cherish and remember, especially with great photographs to bring you back to that special moment on your wedding day.


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Once you are in your dress you might have your father come to your bridal suite, or better yet, find a location that lends itself to a beautiful background for photos.  I love a quiet location with soft available light.  The available light option appeals to me because often I see this moment in black and white.  Black and white photographs look best with pretty available light and emotion, which I have both in this situation.  I usually get the bride set and then let dad come to her, this way I can place my bride where I want her for the best light and background and then tell dad to walk to her.  I do not direct this moment but let it unfold and capture what happens.  A telephoto lens is my tool of choice so I do not influence the moment. I shoot for just the first minute or two then I step back even further to allow for even more privacy.


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Setting aside some special time with your father on your wedding day will be meaningful and special for you both and something you will always remember.  You will never regret that you did.