I go through this with every single potential client and booked client so thought you might want the 411 on it. I tell all my clients this and the same goes for you.

“I am here to shoot what YOU want, that is what you pay me for…I work for you.”

I will give my opinion on this but don’t let me or any other photographer deter you from what YOU want. I will list out the pro’s and con’s for you but this is your decision.

First Look: I don’t really see any downsides to this unless you are really traditional and want that moment of first seeing each other in the aisle. However most of my brides choose first look and here’s why. When you do the traditional look at the aisle you really only have about 5 seconds to look at each other and enjoy the moment before you turn around and get married. Then after the wedding you have to do all your pictures. When you do a first look the most important things it affords you is 10 minutes alone with each other where you get to look at each other, calm each other’s nerves, talk about your mornings and settle into the reality of the fact that “this is wedding day!” It’s amazing to watch the pure joy on couple’s faces during this moment. Now besides the aforementioned, once you see each other you can get all your family formals and bridal party pictures done before your ceremony. Now here comes the biggest reason to do a first look…cocktail hour! Cocktail hour is one of the best parts of your weddings and most couples miss it! It is the most beautiful time of day and your guests are so excited to see you and each other…why miss that! I tell my couples to do a 1hr:15min cocktail…I shoot them for 15 minutes or so in the perfect light and then let them go enjoy their wedding. During the cocktail hour I get great natural moments and get them with all of their guests. Then they naturally and elegantly walk into the reception with their guests. Another great benefit is that it gives your photographers more time to capture the all important details.

*All photographers want you to do a first look because they know how much reward you get from it…plus it is way easier on them. However, don’t go that route if you always dreamed of a first look in the aisle and you think you might regret not having done it. I can only give you the pro’s of doing a first look but it’s your decision and your day!




**Robert Evans and Ryan Phillips together have over 40 years of combined experience photographing weddings and have photographed some of the most well known peoples weddings throughout the world!