October 17, 2011

A new tip from one of Los Angeles’s top Make-Up Artists, Mariah Nicole

This question is asked often of hair stylists by the client. Is it better to have “dirty” (meaning 1 to 2 days without washing) or clean dry hair? While the answer can vary depending on the client’s scalp, my answer is this:

For up-dos you hair should be dirty. The oil from a day or two helps pins stay in the hair and keeps the up-do sturdy. It also generally allows for more height. If your hair is clean and soft the pins will not hold easily. It’s just too slippery.


For hair that will be down or 1/2 up…keep it clean! When the hair style is down your hair should be clean and shiny. I personally use a special heat styling spray for hair that is difficult to curl, especially when silky. Of course, I use a variety of hairsprays to keep any style in place for the desired amount of time. So next time you decide to get your hair styled for an event or occasion, consider my words above and your own hair type. And please, don’t to show up with hair more than 2 days unwashed…it’s just gross 😉